Wordpress hosting

WordPress Hosting Headaches!

WordPress currently powers more than 23% of the top 10 million websites on the Internet. A dynamic open­ source content management system, it’s used to build millions of websites, apps, and personal blogs. The usability, scalability and talented development community makes WordPress a very popular and secure choice for websites of all sizes.

Simply put it’s an excellent website solution, for developers, designers and website owners. Some examples of WordPress websites are the Irish Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht website  and the Walt Disney Company.

Some of the benefits include flexibility, easy publishing, great range of tools, user management levels, range of plugins, rich media handling, SEO elements and many more features, which are all designed with the end user in mind.

Hosting your WordPress website however is something which needs (loving!) care and attention. It’s a software that needs to be kept up to date. If not, your website can have security breaches, website downtime and crashes, and data loss. This can not only be a loss to your business as people can’t see or upload your website, it can also cost you your online reputation.

To run a secure and reliable WordPress Website you need daily security monitoring, off-site backups, and regular updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins.

This is difficult if you are not familiar with the WordPress environment. It can actually create problems if you are not sure what you are doing. Many website owners don’t realise that keeping WordPress websites updated is an absolute requirement to ensure the security of their website. It can end up costing losses in terms of time and money and even online reputation if not managed properly.

Typical issues of badly managed WordPress Hosting 

Slow upload: can discourage visitors from visiting your website
Hacking: major problem which can cause all kinds of security issues including website being blacklisted
Incompatible plugins: can mean elements disappear from your site e.g. galleries or social media feeds
Corrupted pages: giving you the famous ‘white screen of death’!
Theme update problems: can cause all your theme customisations to disappear as manual css changes have been overwritten.

If you have found any issues with your WordPress website we can help you with a Managed WordPress Solution. Visit this page and see how we can help you.

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